Trop Tech is one of the world's leading business & technology companies, delivering quality products through a variety of media, employing 350 professionals in 13 offices throughout Australia.
You are employed at their Head Office and have been asked to participate in the planning an upcoming technology seminar. This seminar's is looking at both everyday and emerging technologies and how they affect the community.
This requires you to
  • Identify an everyday technology to be show-cased at the seminar (NSWTTCH103A)
  • Use an everyday technology in preparation for the seminar -eg scanner at Library (NSWTTCH103A)
  • Research accessing the internet is performed on the chosen technology to document it's features and the impact it's use has had on the community(ICPMM263A) (NSWTTCH103A)
  • Supervisor and work colleagues are kept up to date on work schedule by way of email communication(ICPMM263A)
  • Assistance is sort via email from colleagues when difficulties arise in achieving allocated tasks(ICPMM263A ,ICAD2012A)
  • Email is checked regularly to see if there are any amendments needed to schedule/document requirements(ICPMM263A), ICAD2012A)
  • Design and create various documents to support and promote the upcoming technology seminar ICAD2012A)
  • Access, retrieve, manipulate and save data in accordance to organisational requirements ICAD2012A)

Business Details

Company Name: Trop Tech

Address: 333 TAFE Terrace
Kingscliff, NSW, 2487
Ph: 02 1234 5678
FAX: 02 8765 4321


Company Motto: Business & Technology Solutions 4 U!

Company Goal: To bring technology to the community in a non frightening way

Company Directors: Paul Anthony & Carly Charles

Your supervisor: Catherine (Cathy) Cross

Head Office Facilities:
Trop Tech head Office is a four-story, low rise Retail/Office/Hotel/Conference Centre facility.
On-site amenities include:
First Floor:
· Technology Retail Outlet – specializing in everyday & emerging technologies such as computers, communications, electronics and entertainment products
· Full service restaurant
Second Floor:
· Head Office/Administration
Third Floor:
· Conference/ Meeting/Teaching facilities
· Financial & business facilities + photocopying/facsimile, telex & E-Lounge facilities
Fourth Floor:
· 10 x self contained apartments, 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom, 24-hour room service, personal room safe, spa, bathrobes, complimentary early morning tea/coffee, complimentary buffet breakfast, direct dial telephone, satellite TV, mini-bars in suites, Air-conditioning.
An abundance of underground and surface parking

Conference Facilities:

No matter what the event, our broad expertise, extensive resources and meticulous attention to detail helps ensure success for our clients and satisfaction for their guests.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms 1 to 3

Multifunction meeting rooms of varying capacities. May be opened to become 1 Conference room. Ideal for seminars

Conference Room 4

Boardroom specifically tailored for corporate & business meetings. The specially designed Speakers Presentation Dais provides a state of the art audio, visual & presentation focal point.

Conference Room 5

Executive Boardroom specifically tailored for corporate & business meetings. The specially designed Speakers Presentation Dais provides a state of the art audio, visual & presentation focal point.

Teaching Room 1 & Teaching Room 2

Both 80-square-metre classrooms designed for company groups and departments with 21 state-of-the-art networked computers and video projection. A large work space

Our extensive equipment range and five star services ensures you have everything covered for your event/visit
· Audio Visual & IT
· Highly skilled, experienced technology specialists
· Presentation technology for business or scientific meetings
· Event production for special banquets
· The latest IT services and infrastructure
· Event production and technical management
· Onsite support for all those last minute requirements
· Pre and post production facilities
· Audio, lighting, rigging and AV design
· Equipment hire

Company Graphics




Seminar Information:
Seminar Date Wednesday the 27th November 2008 at 9:30 am in Conference Room 1
RSVP for manufacturers by the 27th October 2008