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Resources:The resources provided on this website are mainly for ease of finding information for you. Some of it will be used during class time.....other resources are provided for you to explore and enjoy the learning experience.

Stress & Expectations: I want my classes to be as stress free and enjoyable as possible. If you are a beginner to the world of computing then you will quickly become aware that computers have a way of making us feel inadequate and incompetent.

Be easy on yourself. You are a Newie not a Dummie.

I guarantee the person sitting beside you is having very similar feelings. Don't ever worry about asking too many questions...I drove my teachers crazy...so I understand and am pleased your interested enough to ask!

Just Hanging in

cathanging.gifWhile learning is a really important part of your life I do realise there may be things happening in your lives that may impact upon your classwork or attendance. Should this be the case please let me know. My focus is to get you to the end of the course with as much knowledge as possible. Talk to me if there is a problem!!!!!!

I hope you find your course an enjoyable and informative experience. I look forward to helping you learn more about the wonderful world of computers.
Keep Smiling, Cat
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